Getting a good parking space…

I leave for work pretty early to make sure I get a “good” parking space. The neighborhood my school is in isn’t the greatest so I like to make sure I’m not walking too far to my car after I get out of work. When I work late it’s not a big deal because most of us will walk in the same general direction towards our cars so no one is really walking alone. As I write this I’m sitting here in my “really good” parking space. My mom and my nephew Jacob usually call me at 7:30 while they are waiting for Jacob’s bus to come. It’s nice to talk to them.  I really should be reading my assigned text about yet another confusing nurse theorist, but it’s too early to tax my brain.

I had to write a shortish discussion post last week and I was so frustrated that I did not get what the theorist was getting at. I seriously wanted to kick somebody. I did the best I could and wrote the best I could expecting a zero. To my surprise other students in my class complimented my “understanding” of this woman and the professor graded the post 100. I almost fell over; seriously! I now understand that theory but it took me burning out some brain cells to do so. Each week there are at least 2 theorists we have to read up on and write about. Some are straightforward and some are really out there and  I’m left thinking what the heck?!  Is she serious?  And then there are others who were so passionate about nursing and really worked to define the art and practice of my profession you really get what they’re saying and it’s cool. This class is keeping my interest but in an abstract way depending on the theorist.




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