Saying Goodbye To A Friend

My friend died. Her name is Sheryl and is probably, next to my mom one of the most caring, wonderful, walk with God woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling “friend”. We first met one summer about 8 years ago  when I decided to join a summer bible atudy hosted by Sheryl and her wonderful husband, Pastor Larry. I of course took quick notice of Sheryl’s striking summer purse. It was such a pretty bag I had to say something. Sheryl laughed a bit when I complimented her and we quickly learned we were quite alike in our appreciation of purses and bags, oh and shoes. Pastor Larry would often joke that Sheryl and I would be holding a purse advice session soon when we were together.

But she was more than that. Sheryl was the type of Christian I could hope to be. She was kind and completely non judge mental and  had a heart so big especially for those with special needs as well as a fellow parent of a special needs child. Before Thomas went to residential school 6 years ago I was a complete mess. Sheryl would call out of the blue and let me know she was up very early that  morning and prayed for me before she went back to sleep. How wonderful is that! And thoughtful, so very thoughtful. And incredible. Sheryl knew the true meaning of friendship and lived it out loud. She understood what it was like to be a mom of a special needs child but she was far from a know it all. She was such a great friend to have. I feel like I can’t stress that enough about her.

I will miss her so much.

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