District 75

District 75 is the classification of where I work. It’s  one of the most restrictive special education environments.  Thomas was in district 75 before he went to residential which is the most restrictive environment in special ed. When you have a child who receives special education services the child is supposed to be placed in the least restrictive environment. We tried that and it wasn’t appropriate for Thomas; as I’m sure it was for most of the students who attend the school where I work. It’s no secret that I love where I work. I’ve found my niche in nursing. Finding your “niche” is something everyone I knew who was a nurse would talk about and I never believed them. Well it’s true. You have to find your place in life and in your work.

So getting back to district 75. I read a great article today on Facebook that one of my friends from work posted. It was a wonderful description of what it’s like to work and teach our students. But they didn’t mention the nurses.  I was like, man!  It would have been nice if the writer included the nurses who work in district 75 as much as he did the other employees of the particular school he focused on. I don’t believe as a nurse I am anymore important than any one else in district 75, but we all work as a team. That’s my opinion at least. I work with amazing teachers and paras who know their students so well! When I’m called because someone “doesn’t seem right today” I believe their observation. It’s the paras who usually spot a seizure first and then either call us in the nursing office to come right away or literally run to our office to get us. I’ve seen the most beautiful outpouring of compassion from paras and teachers and administration where I work.

When I applied to work at district 75 I never thought I was applying for the best job ever. I never thought I would get to know the students as well as I do and I never thought I’d have the relationships with parents that I do. I recently had a birthday and “my class” (that I’m in and out of alllllll day) surprised me with a cake and they even sang happy birthday!  I was floored I did not expect that at all. That’s the kind of relationships you form at district 75.


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