Alyssa and the Big City.

I had an appointment in Manhattan yesterday and Alyssa asked to accompany me. I of course agreed. This week we are off from school/work because of spring break. Have I mentioned how much I love working for the department of education? I’m off when the kids are off, it’s awesome. The only thing we don’t get are half days when the kids have half day but I am not complaining.

So anyway Alyssa and I went to the city early to do some shopping. First was our favorite thrift haunt on the upper west side, then I went to my appointment and Alyssa hit up the Urban Outfitters store a couple of blocks away. I met her there when I was done and scored a 69.00 sweater for 6.00! Definitely a shopper’s sky as my dad would say.

I know I’ve said this before but I really do enjoy my kids now that they are older. Yes they were adorable as young children but everything was so freaking hard at the time. Thomas was a handful and a half, the girls were being “just girls” and I was trying so hard to hold it all together. Now we have Thomas settled, Alyssa and Lelly are in college and Samantha is bringing up the rear. Samantha is not a baby anymore and that’s cool. If she doesn’t want to go somewhere with us and stay home that’s fine too.

So getting back to Manhattan we both scored at the thrift store. It was nice walking around and talking with Alyssa. We stopped at a Starbucks for some rest and something to drink and chatted. I like that my girls talk to me, like really talk. About things that are going on in their lives. It’s really, really nice. In my experience with my kids, you try so hard to raise them “right” and keep your shit together you don’t really look too far into the future. I know I didn’t. I was just trying to get through the days as best as I could. I know I did something right because my kids want to be with me. And I’m honored and blessed for that.


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