Swim suit shopping

I’ve decided not to torture myself in the stores with horrid dressing room mirrors that highlight every single flaw you’re trying so desperately to hide and instead online shop for a bathing suit this year. So far I’m not doing well. I have one from Macy’s sitting in my room awaiting its return and 2 more on the way to my house.

I’m not happy with my current weight and shape but for the most part have accepted things for the way that they are. Otherwise I wouldn’t be swim suit shopping. My husband loves me for me as do my children. I’m extremely blessed in that area of my life.

Another area of life I’m blessed in is my work life. I work with the best bunch of people ever. The paraprofessionals and teachers I come in contact with everyday are so caring and amazing. I really didn’t know what to think my first days here. The kids seemed so so fragile. Today the students are still fragile but I guess I am not. I’m familiar with “my” kids that I provide care for and also with most of their parents. So it’s nice, which is what I’ve been writing about in many past posts. Today was busy. So busy. And we had an emergency. But that’s ok everything was handled the right way; for that I’m grateful. I know God is in this place and He works wonders. I know He places people where He wants them to be. I always think about how I was supposed to be working at a school in Manhattan and I was ok with that the whole time I was in training. I kind of figured out my commute and I was totally ready. Then everything changed and I was offered the position I have now which is literally 15 minutes drive from my house. How incredible is that! God is so good.









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