Waiting to go to work

I get to work super early to get a good parking space. Sounds so silly I know but there is no parking lot, street parking only,  there is another school down the street and the neighborhood isn’t the greatest. So there I sit with my co workers in their cars also sitting and waiting. It’s an amusing situation. Then there are the ones who arrive just in time for work and they still find parking but are walking a few blocks. No thank you I like my nice close space.

I usually listen to my favorite music or online sermons while I hang out. I really don’t mind leaving the house that early just for parking. Until this past Wednesday I was driving Lelly to the ferry every Wednesday, her classes are ending for this semester and she’s dorming in September so we won’t have those great early morning chats anymore.

At around 7:30 my mom calls and we chat for about 15 minutes before I go in at 7:45. It’s nice to have those talks.

Going I’m at 7:45 is nice I’m there early to provide nursing coverage for morning bus duty, there has to be a nurse present in case there is an emergency. I also cover an after-school program 3 days a week. This program needs a nurse and after the hired nurse didn’t show up without warning I took up the task. I really don’t mind staying extra. I find the time passes pretty quickly. After so many years of saying I didn’t want to be a nurse anymore I’m impressed with myself that I’ve embraced my position so passionately. Even returning to school for my Bachelors degree. I’ve enjoyed my classes so far, the last class was about various well known and not so well known nursing theorists. I had a lot of papers to do and various power point assignments, I got through it. I even developed a better sense of myself as a registered nurse, more pride in my profession as well as learning about nursing theory. My next class is about “informatics”. I’m not 100% sure what it’s about other than the use of computers and providing nursing care in this digital age. I’ll find out soon enough.





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