Yard sale-ing!

My plan yesterday morning was to go to ShopRite early then be back for Lelly’s we’ll visit doctor’s appointment. Plans changed since I forgot that Samantha had a trip planned with one of the church youth groups she attends. They were going to Six Flags and she had to be at the church by 9am. No problem since I was already dressed. So off we went. I dropped her off, chatted with her friend’s mom, met one of the youth leaders and then it was time for me to go. About a block away was a sign for a yard sale, what the heck I thought, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a good yard sale! So the first one I hit were people I attend church with. We chatted for a while but I didn’t buy anything. While walking to my car across the street I almost missed the next sale. The house was gorgeous and the couple was lovely. I picked up a couple of things for myself and one really pretty teapot candle holder for my mom. So I thought I’d head home.

I checked the time and it was still early so I went down a street that always has a yard sale or two going on. Bingo!  Yard sale on the left, I parked and went to go shop. In the back of the sale area I spotted it; a gorgeous mint condition Fendi wallet with a 25.00 sticker. I scooped it up quickly to look at it closer, it’s authentic!  I then turn to look at the table with jewelry, it all looked like worn costume pieces. Now let me preface this by saying in all my thrifting adventures I never find good jewelry. Never. Well I hit the jackpot. There it was tarnished and sitting among other very worn necklaces…Tiffany!  I quickly turned the piece over to see the sterling mark, there it was! It had a charm attached, that too was Tiffany!  Omg. I quickly picked up the necklace and went to the woman in charge to pay. She questioned the price of the wallet and I said, “well that’s what the tag says…”. So she nodded and said the necklace was 1.00.  I couldn’t pay her fast enough and I wanted to run to my car!

I figured I scored big for the day so I headed home. I grabbed a bowl and some baking soda to clean the necklace. It came out gorgeous!!  I still can’t believe that I scored that big at a yard sale. I mean the toggle piece clearly says Tiffany, go figure.

I’m wearing the charm (called a hibiscus charm) today on a sterling chain I have. It’s really a cool, different piece. I’m debating when to move into the Fendi wallet. I love the wallet I have now so it may not be for a while. My dad would have gotten such a kick out of my finds, I’m sure he’s watching and smiling.

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