The Mall With Samantha

You haven’t lived until you’ve been shopping with my youngest, Samantha. She’ll be 13yrs old in August. She is the picture perfect specimen of shopping with a not so girly girl sneaker loving kid. I have learned the hard way to not suggest anything whether it be clothing or shoes or sneakers that I may find to be cute because in Samantha’s eyes the stuff is not cute at all. Alyssa and Lelly weren’t like that. They were pretty easy to shop with. I know one shouldn’t compare, that every child is different, blah blah…yeah yeah.

Today Samantha and I went to the mall to return a pair of sneakers that started ripping after only a month of semi regular wear. So we had a credit in one of the big sneaker stores. I suggested a style or two but learned to not take her look of “no” personally. I’ve come a long way in the art of shopping with Samantha. I used to get very frustrated and take her rejection of my choices or suggestions so personally. Since I’ve let go of my expectations things are a lot more pleasant when shopping. The only torturous experience is when we have a party to go to and Samantha needs something dressy to wear. Oh my gosh…it’s so not fun. But…again I’ve let go of the girly things my older two would have worn and just let Samantha be Samantha. There’s nothing wrong with jeans and a nice top with dressier sneakers. I’m ok with those choices.

Its nice to write a post about such typical behavior. And to be honest now that I’ve let go of my shopping expectations, being in the mall with Samantha is a whole lot more enjoyable.


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