Parking at work

Everyone who knows me knows I arrive to work early to land a great parking space. I don’t mind, three days a week I stay late working until 5:00 covering an after school program. I’d rather know I have a close parking spot when I get there in the morning rather than worry about moving my car closer later in the day or walk to my car alone blocks away in a not so great neighborhood.

What I don’t understand is the people who park so inconsiderately. Like taking up two spots on the street and all they had to do was move up or back a few feet and another car would have fit there. It’s quite rude especially around here where parking spots are at a premium. And I must say it’s not my coworkers but the people who work at the grammar school down the street. Interesting.

Somedays I wonder what it would be like to sleep a little later, leave my house a little later and have to actively look for parking. But it’s a domino effect. If I slept later then left the house later I’d be stuck in traffic by my house and behind the dreaded multiple school buses which would delay my arrival even more. It’s amazing what a delay of  10-15 minutes can do to your travel time in the morning.

I’m so used to waking up early to get good parking I sometimes get up early on my days off and that’s ok. I find I get a lot done early in the day when I’m off. Last Saturday I was in ShopRite by 8 am and it was glorious!  I was done grocery shopping for the week by 9:30. It’s all good



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