I get my nails done every other week. I get what’s called powder gel or SNS. Don’t ask me what SNS stands for, I think it’s the brand of powder gel. I really like the look of my nails being done I think it looks professional and neat on me. I don’t get wild colors or designs not are they long like just past my fingertips.

Just a little background; my nails don’t grow very well, are soft and will bend at a certain length. Now before someone starts diagnosing me with some sort of nail revealing disorder my nails have been like this all my life. I’m fine.  There were times in the past that I would get acrylics but I hated that I felt like a slave to getting a fill in. If you let them grow out too long it looks really bad and you need more acrylic to fill in the growth. Plus when you take the acrylic off, your nails are so so thin and damaged.

Where I get my nails done is owned by a woman from China and all but 2 of the employees are also from China. They speak nail talk very well and also they know how to present you with a bill and they speak money. They might speak more English than that but it’s hard to tell. Most are very, very nice and want you to be happy with their service. It’s pretty competitive where I live. There are 4 nail salons in a 3 block radius. But I notice there’s plenty of business to go around. I have my favorite spot which happens to be right around the corner from my house. I prefer one woman who calls herself “Billie” to do my nails. Oh I didn’t mention that all the Chinese women have names that would be considered “American.” There’s Helen, Linda, Shirley and so on.

I’m not particular who does my pedicures. I do like going at least twice a month especially in the summer when sandals are the shoe of choice. The reason I can maintain this mani pedi habit is how reasonable the cost is here where I live. There’s pretty much an average price for services a pedicure is around 18.00 and my nails cost 35.00 for the powder gel. The powder gel lasts at least 2 weeks, I might get 3 weeks if I didn’t get bored with the color. It always happens though, it will be 2 weeks since my last nail appointment and I’ll say to myself, “Oh I can go another week…” and BAM I’ll hit my nails on something and the gel will crack. Never fails.

So my toes are done and I’m finished writing. Happy weekend to all!

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