Baptism and Testimony

Today we had believer’s baptism at church. It was amazing and powerful. I love watching fellow Christians publicly declare their faith and that they are followers of our risen Savior Jesus Christ.  Today before the baptisms Pastor John preached the definition of believers baptism. That it’s baptism by immersion, Jesus himself was baptized and it’s a practice that Jesus commanded believers to spread the Gospel and baptize believers. I was baptized as a baby as were my children. That was all I knew. However there’s isn’t anywhere in the. In the Bible that says we need to baptize babies.  As per the Bible the short version is that we are to form a relationship with Christ and then go public with that relationship with immersion believers baptism.

When I was first saved I had no intention of being baptized “again” since I was already baptized as a baby. It wasn’t until I actually met with the Lord did I really desire to be baptized. I finally understood, I got it.

My testimony of how I met the Lord is one I’ve written about before. I never got tired of telling it because it’s so true that Jesus will meet you where you are. You do not have to have it all together or conquer sin to meet Him. He is glorious and caring and amazing and everything you can imagine that He is. Six years ago life was not easy. Thomas has to stop one of his medications due to a dangerous side effect. That led to him becoming totally unglued and multiple hospitalizations. I was so, so angry. I was angry at God for allowing this to happen, and I wanted to know why our lives were suddenly turned upside down. I wanted to know God’s plan for us and I was angry because I wasn’t privy to that plan. One morning I was driving home after dropping Samantha off at pre-k. I was stopped at a traffic light listening to “Praise you in this storm” by the band Casting Crowns. Out of nowhere I started crying and crying, tears running down my face. “Every tear I’ve cried you hold in your hand…” when those lyrics came up I had a distinct vision of Jesus standing behind me with his hand on my shoulder as I’m crying and he then cupped his hand to catch my tears. It was so powerful I felt as though this was really happening. After that encounter I wasn’t angry anymore. I placed my trust and confidence in God and I no longer worried about what He had planned.

Meeting with the Lord isn’t anything magical or supernatural in fact it was the most natural experience ever. I feel as though I had a taste of His glory and it has made me want more of Him.

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