Summer in the city

Summer in the city… that’s the theme for the board of ed’s Summer program. I can’t argue with their choice of theme it is certainly summer in the city here. Work has been busier some days than others but for the most part the work has been steady and I’m not complaining. I am envious of my daughters who have the occasional beach day while I’m here at work but that’s ok, school lets out August 13 and time passes quickly.

The summer staff are great, there are substitute para professionals from other schools as well as other staff that are here just for the summer. Everyone is nice and the paras and teachers who work year round are extra great to work with because we all know each other and I think we bond more over the summer because working is optional.

Most of “my” students that I provide care for used to be on the second floor conveniently located down the hall from the nursing office. Those students have aged out of that convenient classroom and have been moved up to the third floor. I get plenty of exercise lately taking the stairs but all is well they’re still my kids and I know them and their parents.

I really don’t mind working for the summer, it’s extra money and I really don’t know what I would do all day, all week. I’m sure I would find something to do to keep my busy but then I’d also need to keep Samantha busy. Right now she attends day camp held at our church and she has a retreat planned with the church the end of July, beginning of August. She’s kept busy and memorizes bible verses all week. It’s all good.



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