Ever wonder how or why things turn out the way they do?  Like when an amazing “coincidence” occurs and all is right with the world?  Or when that door you wanted desperately to open doesn’t; yet later in your life you know why a window opened instead. How about when you’re going through the worst season, storm or valley ever in your life and when it’s over you realize you weren’t alone because God left his fingerprints all over you.

There are no coincidences. Our God orchestrates everything. I know this as sure as I know the sky is blue. Things don’t just magically fall into place without His divine intervention. When I begin to doubt His presence I always think of when I was hired for my current position.

I had just been laid off from the temporary job I had with a local nursing agency. I knew the job was temporary when I took it, but it’s never pleasant to be laid off. I learned how to apply for unemployment and I was a bit pissed because unemployment pays crap. Anyway I was at the gym and in between work outs I was on my phone job hunting on indeed.com. I came across an ad from the Board of Ed looking for nurses for Disrtict 75. District 75 is strictly special education with medically fragile students as well. A lot of people aren’t even aware of District 75 here where I live. I know I didn’t, until I learned about the Hungerford School which is part of District 75 and where I had Thomas placed to attend after residential school when he was 12 years old.

Anyway I saw this ad hiring nurses for District 75. And I held my breath when I hit “send” and applied. I had a vague idea of what I was applying for but no personal experience with school nursing especially District 75. The next thing I know I was answering an email to set up an interview in Long Island City, NY with the Board of Ed. I arrived for the interview and brought a copy of my resume. Thank goodness I did because they wanted it. I sat at this desk overlooking Long Island City and took a nursing test that made me remember things I learned in nursing school 20 years ago, it’s amazing what you remember, what is instilled in your brain. I scored an 80 on the test, yayy!. So then it was on to the interview. I sat across and next to 4 nursing supervisors who drilled me with questions making me dig deep into past nursing job experiences. After, I was told to go sit at this table and wait. All the while I’m Facebook’ing my friends and texting my mom. I was so nervous and all I knew is that I wanted this job. I started praying. I told God if this was His will, if this is what He wanted for my life I was in. No questions asked. I was following Him. The next thing I know I was called over to meet with the Director of Nursing. I sat across from her and she congratulated me on being hired.

Amazing I tell you. When I finally decided to give my all to God; to finally submit to His will for my life; it all fell into place. Everything. I was supposed to be placed at a school in Manhattan, but again there was a shake up if plans and I was placed at my current school…15 minutes from my house here at the borough where I live. Please don’t question His goodness. God is absolutely good. My life isn’t perfect, There are still peaks and valleys and times of uncertainty, but I know who is in control and He is good.

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