And More About Handbags…

I’ve purchased a new handbag. There’s not many details, most people aren’t into bags as I am. It’s a very dark purple with a large capacity and the leather is to die for. This is my “I worked this summer handbag.” I haven’t debuted her yet but she will be mailing a maiden voyage soon.

I’ve also acquired a gorgeous tote; striped animal print in shades of brown and black. The fabric is velvety and just so nice. You would think I would have enough handbags after a while. But no. That’s like saying I should have enough shoes…Ha! There’s something about carrying a bag that you love, like it goes with what you’re wearing and just makes you feel so good. It has all that you’re looking for in a bag and it is made so incredibly well and the color is perfect! Hard to explain; fellow handbag whores will understand.

I’ve decided to rehome one of my bags that I’m just not feeling the love for anymore. It’s a designer bag I acquired via thrifting. The original color left a lot to be desired so I researched DIY dying handbags. I found the dye at a great store in Manhattan and did the job. The bag went from not so hot ivory to an awesome dark navy.

I work with a woman who is a huge fan of this designer’s bags. I tried using the bag this last weekend and wasn’t feeling it at all, so Monday I asked said said co worker if she would like the bag. She was so excited and said yes!  I’m thrilled she said yes. I know I was so ecstatic when my bff, Jackie gifted me a handbag I was lusting after. A Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag. I was shaking when I opened the box.

I don’t know if I’ll be rehoming any other bags after this. I’m still feeling the love for most of them. There are a couple of smaller ones I’m not using anymore since I prefer to carry specific “stuff” in my bag and I’m not willing to downsize. It’s funny what you think you absolutely without compromise need to carry in your bag. I keep most of my stuff in one of 2 pouches inside my bag, so when I change bags it’s a seamless process and I’m not searching for every little thing like lip balm and such. So there you have it. I’m a hopeless bag whore who admits she has a problem (let’s just call it an “issue” the word problem sounds so severe).


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