And Now She’s Thirteen!

August 1, 2006 the day my last baby was born. Thirteen years ago. I thought I knew it all being I already had two girls. But Samantha proved me wrong. She broke the mold and showed me and the world she is her own person. She takes after Alyssa in looks, complexion and hair (they both have rediculously thick plentiful hair). Personality wise I have no idea where she came from. In each of my older children I can see where parts of their personalities come from and what side of the family they take after. It’s cool in some ways and eerie in other ways. To see yourself in your child can be frustrating because you know how the issue is going to go down, and amusing too because you know how the issue is going down.

Samantha is not like my other children. Thomas has his own category and the girls are real “girls” and Samantha is not, she just goes along beating to her own drum; video game playing, skateboarding, attends church youth groups and learning takwondo. She is not quite tomboy yet definitely not a girly girl which makes her difficult for my older girls to identify with.

Being that there’s a 5 year difference between Samantha and Lelly, Samantha has characteristics of both a youngest child and an only child. She is cool with me: being that often times Alyssa and Lelly are either off with their friends/boyfriend/working. Samantha and I are together frequently. She didn’t inherit my love of thrifting but she does enjoy a good old fashioned trip to the mall, or if I’m particularly agreeable a visit to Dave and Busters. Friday’s used to be our dinner time, just us. But then she started going to youth group Friday nights so it turned into dinner for Tommy and I. Now that it’s summer, youth group is suspended and we are now a trio on Friday nights.

So my baby is certainly no longer a baby . Today she called from a church retreat to tell me she made the very mature decision to accept Jesus as her Savior. I’m so happy for her, she was very emotional and happy and was so mature when she said, “Mom, I got saved.”  I don’t think her birthday could get any better, even though I’m not spending it with her. Samantha comes home tomorrow so we will celebrate then and Saturday with a family trip to Dave and Busters. Samantha wouldn’t have it any other way.

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