My last day of summer session was yesterday. Before we left the office we had to unplug all the electronics including the phones and take almost everything off the floor including computers, printers, etc…in order for the custodians to wax the floor. It was bittersweet in a way. The office is pretty organized for our day to day working environment, and to see it with everything piled on top of our desks was like ugh it looked so messy.

I’m so glad to finally be off. I know I shouldn’t complain I’m on the same schedule as the NYC school year and I get plenty of time off during the year. But summer is different. I work summers because I like my job and I really don’t mind being there. But to see beach pics on social media…well that’s the kicker. We’re allowed 2 sick days for working the summer. Last year I didn’t take either, it seemed like an unspoken agreeement between the 3 of us working that no one would take a day and that was cool, the summer was pretty mellow last year. This year however we had 2 extra nurses and the summer was not all that mellow. There was plenty of down time but when something was happening with one of the students it was something that had to be dealt with seriously. 911 seriously.

So this morning I slept in to the late hour of 7:30am. I know I’m out of control. It’s all good though, I don’t mind getting up early to start my day. This morning I’m heading to the Sal Val for some thrifting, I hope it’s a shopper’s sky!

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