Vacation at the Beach!

Current situation; residing in a beach condo steps from the actual beach and views to make your jaw drop. On this gorgeous beach are an amazing assortment of shells that I haven’t seen in any of my previous beach house vacations. Not to say this is a better vacation than those in the past, just different. I’ve never stayed on the beach like this. It is really nice. Oh and we have a screened in patio with which to take in those awesome views of the beach. It’s so nice here.

The condo is my mom’s time share. Her and my dad bought it about 10 years ago after spending  time here with friends. This is our first time here and it’s beautiful. If one doesn’t care for the beach there’s a pool to go. Samantha and my nephew Jacob made great use of the pool so far. Today I hit the beach and it was glorious! The only exception was this large amount of seaweed present, but we got around it by going further in the water. Oh and we saw a dolphin!  Tommy and I first saw it’s fun and we were like, “oh shit!” And we turned to walk quickly out of the water which is not easy to do. Then we saw it’s tail, whew!!  of course we thought it was the greatest thing ever after that.

After the beach we hit the local outlets, yay shopping!  I didn’t get much just some clothes at the Gap. I was very tempted at the Coach outlet though but I resisted and all was well. I have my new “I worked this summer and this is the bag I bought bag” sitting at home so I really have no business buying yet another bag. Sounds so logical, haha.

Vacation is awesome. You forget what day it is until it’s almost time to go home, shopping is awesome, and there’s the beach!  I could just sit there and watch the water all day and smell that great beach smell.


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