Thrifting on my Days off!

I’m off from work until September 3. Yesterday I had an appointment on the upper West side so of course I hit the thrifts in that area. I did so well!  It was definitely worth the extra time I put in to get to the city earlier than my appointment and then time spent after said appointment. Early in the day I went to the Salvation Army and scored some interesting, unique clothes that I won’t see myself coming and going in while at work or anywhere else for that matter. That’s what I love about thrifting, there are so many times that what you find; well there isn’t any others floating around, and if it’s a designer item you pay a very low amount of money for it compared to retail. You have to know your brands though.

I do have certain rules that I won’t break concerning thrift shopping. I don’t buy inexpensive clothes like from Forever 21 or H and M. I was educated by my daughter that those retailers are considered “fast fashion” and the clothes aren’t made to really last more than a season; trend wise and construction wise. I typically only buy things I other wise wouldn’t pay retail for such as designer denim and tops. I love, love scoring Current Elliot, Fidelity, or Seven for all Mankind jeans at the thrift, it’s totally the thrill of the hunt for me. I won’t purchase undergarments or bathing suits…ick, enough said. Shoes have to be same as clothes, meaning shoes I wouldn’t have paid retail for and they must be in very good to excellent condition. Yesterday I scored an awesome pair of suede loafers by Tods and a (new) pair of sneakers from a brand called Linder=never heard of them, I heart google.

I know thrifting isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t have the patience, time and/or are skeeved out by it, and that’s ok: more for the rest of us! I grew up going to yard sales and small obscure stores in Manhattan with my grandfather. We always had a great time with him. Those were the days you could take your car on the ferry and you were then free to explore downtown in your own vehicle. Today: I think not. I was taught by one of the best. My other thrifting mentor wasn’t Aunt Marge, my mom’s sister. She lived 4 hours away Upstate and every time we visited we had to hit the thrift store and yard sales of course. Aunt Marge had a gift for finding gold and sterling silver jewelry, like she could spot a 14k gold chain at 40 paces it was crazy! I did not inherit that gift lol. I remember going to yard sales with Thomas years ago and then calling Aunt Marge on the cell to make sure I was getting a good deal, it was a lot of fun. I’m convinced that Aunt Marge was right that we’re all supposed to find what we find, you can’t be all envious of a fellow shopper’s finds. Because those things weren’t meant for you to find. Today the girl behind me in line found a beautiful Fendi bag that she showed me, I was so happy for her and told her so. It’s bad personally to be all envious/jealous. You find what you find.







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