And She’s off!

My Lelly has officially moved into her dorm today. Tommy and I and her boyfriend, Viyath took the ride into Manhattan with all her “stuff” to move her in. It went very smooth I must say and I didn’t cry once. I’m glad I went up with her and all her things, that I was able to see the actual dorm room. It’s actually the size of a studio apartment with an area for 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 free standing closets, small kitchen area and their own bathroom.

I think I’d she were further away than Manhattan I would be upset and miss her terribly. But knowing how close she is geographically to us and that Tommy works literally blocks away makes me feel better. The ride home I was thinking back to when Lelly was a toddler. I used to sit out front with the kids when they were all small and they would play or ride their bikes up and down the block. Not Lelly, she would run as fast as she could down to the corner and I would be fast on her heels terrified that she would run into the street; catch her; being her back to the house and minutes later start the whole thing over until I was tired of chasing her and take everyone back in the house. When she learned to ride a tricycle she would ride as fast as those little legs could peddle. One neighbor remarked that Lelly learned how to ride a tricycle so she could get from here to there faster because running had become too slow for her.

When Lelly was born she was my smallest baby at 7.5 pounds. Thomas couldn’t say Daniella, it came out Da-lella and somehow morphed into Lelly. Because she was smaller at birth than Alyssa and Thomas we called her Lelly-bird. Sometimes referring to her as simply “the bird”. Well my bird has wings and I’m happy for her. I am going to miss her living here but I know I will see her often. I guess it’s the best of both worlds for all of us.




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