School Nursing and the First days of School

School officially began yesterday, Thursday September 5th. There weren’t as many students in attendance as I though there would be. Only 1 of my 5 students who need nursing services showed up. One student that is “mine” was here but had no doctor’s orders for me to carry out her care so she had to be picked up.

Today, the second day of school was busy, not physically busy as most of my students were absent again but paper work busy. My head hurts from transferring paper work onto the computer. These past couple of days do have their bright spots. I was able to see a lot of staff who didn’t work the summer program and I missed quite a few of them; and I was able to catch up with the staff I did work with over the summer. What we all did after the summer program ended. It was nice.

I believe this coming Monday will be very busy physically because I predict most of my students will be attending school and I have a full assignment of both students who receive care daily on a schedule and also students who receive care on an as needed basis. I think a lot of parents couldn’t be bothered to send their child in to school for 2 days then be off the weekend. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Dept of education’s rational for when they chose days to start a new school year.

I miss my students who haven’t been to school. I love my job which is primarily providing care for those that aren’t able to care for themselves. I do not work in a bubble, there are a lot of paraprofessionals at my school who do more physical work than I do and for them I am very grateful. The teachers at my school are also top notch. They are very dedicated to the students and strive to bring out the best in their students.

I really do love my school. I can’t imagine working anywhere else at this point in time and I so thankful I was able to get this position here, 15 minutes from where I live. When I was hired by the DOE I was supposed to be placed in a school in Manhattan, with a population much like the one at my school. Things turned quickly when I was training at Hungerford and the principal discovered my Thomas used to attend Hungerford at this very site. She said she wanted a Hungerford mom and bingo, there I was. I know I was destined to be a district 75 (medically fragile population) nurse. There are no coincidences and God plans it all. I’ll never forget praying after my hiring interview; I said, “God, if this is where you want me to be, if this is the  direction I’m supposed to take I will follow you. My life is in your hands I surrender.” Next thing I knew I was being congratulated for being hired and being led to meet the supervisor for all of District 75. I’m living proof that prayer works and surrendering  and trusting in The Lord is the only way to serve Him. God loves you.

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