Dying My Hair and Other Musings

I went platinum/very light blonde over a month ago. That look is pretty high maintenance for me anyway. I’ve been looking at various colors online. I really like a couple but today decided on “Intense red copper.”  I’m back to coloring my hair myself for no other reason than I don’t like paying for something I can do easily myself. When I decide to do a more complicated color scheme I’ll have my stylist do it.

Ive been coloring my hair since I was 16 years old. I remember my own hair color to be a very dark blonde/light brown. I also remember that I didn’t like it at all. I wanted to be blonde in the worst way, so my mom made it happen. Since then my hair has been just about every color of the hair rainbow with the exception of black or very dark brown. Those are too dark for my complexion.

I’m envious of people who pick a hair color and stay with it for the long haul. I get bored way too easily and the next thing I know I’m off searching for the next color. My hair is short so it can handle all the colors I put it through. If the ends get damaged it’s usually taken care of by the next haircut.

I cleared out my shoe closet!  That sentence deserves an exclamation point due to the sheer volume of shoes I have in my possession. I am a self admitted shoe and bag whore. There are a “ton” of shoes I am donating because I’m not wearing them anymore. Alyssa feels I should sell them but I don’t have the patience to keep taking up that much room in my closet. Besides it’s good thrifting karma to donate nice things. I won’t donate things with holes or rips/tears or simply in bad condition. I see things like that all the time at the Sal Val. I don’t understand why people think that other people want their damaged belongings. It’s rude and thoughtless. If a shirt has stains for goodness sake throw it away, don’t donate it.

So my hair came out more on the warm pinkish side than red. Go figure. All is well it’s only hair it can be colored again.




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