My Bike

D8D4D838-8B6C-4950-B412-29760B1C6AB9A month or so ago I saw an ad on Facebook marketplace for a motorcycle with the specifications Tommy felt would be appropriate for me as a new rider. I wanted to buy new but my husband’s recommendation was to start off with a used bike, something we could pay for in cash and not have a payment. I agreed. He is a wise one.

For a couple of weeks the owner of the motorcycle and me went back and forth over when we could meet at a time that was convenient for both of us. Finally last week Tommy and I ran out to Edison NJ to see the bike. Tommy took the bike out for a ride while I stood and made small talk with the owner. He was nice enough, younger than us, getting married next year. Tommy felt the bike was good for me. The next day we went back to bring her home. I was following Tommy at some points during the drive home. I was able to watch him ride a motorcycle. When my husband goes for a ride on his motorcycle I don’t get to watch him ride, I say goodbye and he takes off into the proverbial sunset. It was so cool to watch him ride. To watch him do everything I’ve been learning in my classes. It was great I tell you. I have a whole new appreciation for him as my husband and a motorcycle rider.

I hesitate to even publish this post as I still need to pass the motorcycle road test. I can pass all the written tests you give me, I’m book smart. But I’m a hands on learner as well, I need to “do” to learn, I need hands on experience. I’m like that at work too. If there is a nursing procedure I need to learn I need to have a hands on learning experience. It’s the exact same situation with me learning to ride. I take my road test in a little over a week. I really, really hope I pass. I’m dying to ride my bike complete with a bedazzled license plate holder. It wouldn’t be mine without some rhinestones and bling.

So….  I took my road test today and passed!!  I’m so so excited and proud!!  The instructor was beyond awesome and the other students in the class which were all men were totally cool. I passed!!!!


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