Two in College/One at The Dorm

We have 2 in college right now, our oldest Alyssa is a senior/final year and middle daughter Lelly is a freshman/first year. Lelly began college a semester early after graduating high school a semester early. Alyssa attends one of the city colleges here and Lelly attends FIT in Manhattan. Lelly’s first semester she commuted from home to school; in the middle of that time she decided she would dorm beginning the end of August for the fall semester. To be totally honest I didn’t love the idea. Not because she would be living in Manhattan and I was concerned for her safety but because she was leaving home. I know that’s what is supposed to be the “normal” or traditional way life. Kids grow up, graduate high school, go away to college period.

Alyssa did not want to dorm. Even during her first semester of college where she attended a private college in Manhattan. She commuted, sometimes driving in with  Tommy, other times taking the bus, ferry then train. She never complained about the commute or being in the city. Instead she discovered she wasn’t happy with the school she was attending, so she transferred to the city college and has since been satisfied with her decision. Alyssa has been living home with us the whole time. She has very few restrictions from us and as long as she tells us where she’s going; comes and goes as she pleases. It’s been nice having her here. I’m spoiled as some days she will cook dinner and I’m off the hook that night. Alyssa will  also pick up Samantha when she needs a ride when she’s available.

So here we are the end of August moving Lelly into FIT’s dorm. We took Tommy’s pick up truck as it would transport the most boxes and stuff Lelly needed to take with her. It was a nice end of summer day, blue skies and a little breezy. I really didn’t want her to go. I accompanied her, her boyfriend and the FIT students who were helping transport students’ belongings. I did not cry I swear I didn’t, ask Lelly. But I did feel this emptiness when we left her there. I missed her immediately even though between her attending school, working and having a social life she wasn’t home that much anyway. But I knew she would be coming home at some point.

We’ve adjusted and so has Lelly. I still miss her and I’m happy when she comes back for the weekend. Lately she’s been collecting her fall clothes and dropping off summer clothing because the season finally changed to cooler weather. Even when she comes home we don’t see her all that much since there’s always someone to see or visit, have coffee with and that’s ok. She’s still technically “home”.




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