A Newbie

I’m a motorcycle newbie. I am legally licensed to ride as per the Stare of New York (I ran to the DMV first chance I had to make that legal). Tommy and I were all set to take me out this past Saturday but I couldn’t get in the “zone” with my bike and every time I released the clutch I stalled. Being new to this motorcycle I was unsure of how much throttle to give it. Tommy wasn’t confidant and neither was I so I settled for playing around with the clutch and throttle in our backyard and driveway. I’m glad we made that decision because I did become better acquainted with my bike.

Yesterday we took my motorcycle to be inspected and the mechanic agreed that the clutch needs to be adjusted. I felt so good to hear that from a professional. I wasn’t doing anything wrong! He also suggested we lower the suspension a bit and I agreed. The best part was the mechanic saying that I have a custom bike on my hands. We weren’t aware of that. He pointed out custom accessories and that the headlight was a bit lower than factory specs and he was impressed with the chrome pipes, yes my bike is loud.

The clutch won’t be adjusted until sometime next week when the mechanic has time to fit us in. I’m excited for that. I’ll also be asking for other adjustments to be done that will really make the bike “mine.”

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