Quiet Monday

It’s Monday, Columbus Day and most of my household is off from school or work. It’s quiet. Not that I’m complaining. Yesterday was a really nice Sunday, Thomas was here as he is every Sunday and Alyssa made dinner. It was awesome on two levels. One, it was delicious and two, I didn’t have to cook. Alyssa is turning into a really great cook. She’s not afraid to try new recipes and will try dishes that at first seem a bit iffy but she doesn’t care and  will charge through. I have to say more often than not her dishes are successes and I’m so glad she enjoys cooking.

When I picked up Thomas he looked so sharp!  My guy was wearing gray jeans with a blue and white button down and a really cool Yankees pullover jacket. One of the the staff members at his house has been going out of her way to make sure he looks mice. I really do appreciate it. Thomas has a habit of buying really nice clothes; putting them away. Then wears the same old pants and t shirts constantly! They’re not even nice t shirts, they’re from his residential school days. So Laura, that’s the staff member’s name has been going through Thomas’ clothes and weeding out the old from the new, grungy from nice. She’s been terrific.

We did take a short trip to the new-ish outlet market here. It was nice to get out for a while. I’m not complaining that my day off is boring, it’s just quiet. Not that my usual days off are loud and chaotic but there’s a certain rhythm to your average Saturday and Sunday. Throw in a random Monday off and you’re a bit off kilter. The day doesn’t feel like a Monday, and tomorrow after a while will eventually feel like a Tuesday when work resumes. Here’s to a 4 day work week!






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