No good rotten day

Yes it’s been one of “those days.”  We’ve all had them. Today was mine. Not cool. I’m sitting at the hair salon trying to get over it by coloring my hair a little different…well not *that* different I’ve done this color in the past. My hair is pink, like a darkish pink. Nevertheless I like it. After the salon I need to go to Macy’s. Note I said I “need” to go not “want” to go. Macy’s is known to be a solution to many issues and bad days.

I’ve discovered in the course of my bad day (actually it’s been a pretty bad week) that some people are not at all who I thought they were. It shouldn’t come as such a big surprise, the writing is always on the wall, many times we just ignore it even when it’s written in big red letters. There are times we have to be hit over the head to learn a lesson. And after a while it’s ok because we won’t make the same mistake twice. True colors are revealed and you move on. There is an upside to having a disruptive time in life; you also get to see the good in people. People you weren’t looking for at all, but they show up and you see those true colors which are so bright you can’t believe you missed them in the first place.

After one of “those” days I also take stock of how blessed I really am. I have my husband who has many years of people dealing experience and is wonderful in giving advice. I have my ifamily who are more than willing to listen to me and empathize. I have prayer warrior friends who will pray for me at a moments notice. I appreciate my kids so much because most of them are mature adults who I love to talk to and vent to and get their perspective. I remind myself that I have a job that I love and awesome paras and teachers in my school that I get along great with. And last and certainly not least I have a God who loves me and a Savior who died for me and the Holy Spirit who lives in me.  I praise Him when I’m in valley and I praise Him when I’m on the mountain top. He is worthy to be praised at all times not only when things are going well or when life is pleasant.

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