Running around on Saturday

I’m fortunate that I work a “normal” work schedule; Monday through Friday, weekends off and holidays off. Such a schedule is not the norm for most nurses. When I worked in hospital I worked every other weekend and most major holidays. It sucked to be honest and when I decided to return to nursing I purposefully chose to only apply to specific jobs with a friendly schedule that hospitals don’t offer. I really enjoy working for the city of New York and I love the perk of school holidays off. I’m pretty spoiled if you ask me. The downside to working Monday through Friday is you have to do most of your running around on the weekend or for me Saturdays.

On any given Saturday you can most likely find me at our local ShopRite grocery store. I like to go fairly early in the morning to avoid everyone else who needs to grocery shop on a Saturday. Every now and then I’ll go on Friday night but thats a pretty lame way to spend your Friday night. After shopping for food and putting it all away I really like to go thrifting. It’s my get away. No one bothers you at the thrift store, no pushy sales people or annoying other customers who get in your way; and the people who work there are very friendly. Every now and then someone brings young children and they; the children start carrying on or crying loudly because hey it’s not a fun place for a child. Thankfully those days are rare. And my thrifting time is enjoyable.

My husband usually works Saturdays and we just got my motorcycle back from the mechanic this week. I don’t want to go riding without him so my riding days have yet to begin. I’m a bit bummed at that but it just means it hasn’t been meant to be. We were supposed to go out yesterday afternoon but I went shopping for a fall coat for Lelly. I’m not complaining about going shopping, trust me.

So like most everyone else in the free world I find weekends to be too short. I do enjoy Sunday mornings at church. This morning the skies were open and dumping tremendous amounts of rain on us. I wasn’t in the mood to be drenched so for once I skipped church. Happy Sunday!

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