Adventures on a Thursday

Thursday, the 14 of November started out as any other day. Three of the students I usually take care of were absent so that meant less running around for the day, or so I thought. In retrospect it was good that they were absent because I was able to take care of other unexpected incidents that popped that day. As soon as my students were off the bus and in the classroom I set them up for gastrostomy tube feedings and medicine administration. Our students who receive gastrostomy tube feedings receive their feedings in the classroom with their peers. We keep all the students’ supplies appropriately labeled in their own drawer and on a specifically labeled cart.

After feedings are started, I’m on to another student who requires morning medication, Later on in the morning I have to go to another floor to start a gastrostomy tube feeding for another student. At 11:30 all was right with the world…then things hit the fan. As I was finishing setting up my 11am g-tube feeding a call for a student needing nurse went out over the portable radio we are required to carry. I finished as quickly as I could and ran down to the first floor where the urgent situation was. One of my co workers was already there and was handling the situation well. My radio then goes off again, “Menay, report to room 3xx”. Crap! I ran back up to the third floor, panting trying to catch my breath. My other co worker had a situation with a student that she needed help with. We couldn’t do much to fix what went wrong since we did not have a doctor’s order to proceed further. The student’s mother was coming to the school to handle the situation. Whew! But that doesn’t mean it was over. The mom needed medical supplies located in our office in the 2nd floor. So another co worker was the go-getter of needed supplies making at least 2 trips back and forth between floors.

After helping out in the 3rd floor I still had to go back down to the 2nd floor for the 12:00 g-tube feedings and scheduled medications for other students. By the time I made it back to the nursing office it was standing room only. My students and their paras were waiting for me, other students and their paras were waiting for my co workers.

I managed to give out scheduled meds and then realized it was time to give water flushes to the students who received their 12 pm g tube feedings. There was also a previously scheduled meeting with the building response team that either my co worker or I or both of us were supposed to attend. Needless to say we both missed the meeting.

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