And Then It Was Monday…

The weekend had felt like it just flew by. Those two days off always feel too short. Like there are less hours in a Saturday plus Sunday than a Monday plus a Tuesday. Although this past Monday and Tuesday went pretty fast. It was a busy time of anaphylaxis, epinephrine, respiratory distress, oxygen and calling 911. Those things don’t occur everyday but enough that we are kept on our toes.

The rest of the week has been more of our normal speed with little bumps in the road here and there. Our typical days are busy as it is when all our students that need nursing services are in attendance. We had a fire drill today which is always interesting as we have many students in wheelchairs. You’re not permitted to use the elevator in the event of a fire; so those students who cannot navigate the stairs go to specialized holding rooms on the second and third floors. I’m the nurse who goes to the third floor holding room to stay with students and staff who are unable to leave students unattended. I don’t mind my role, it’s just odd to be walking up the stairs while everyone else is walking down the stairs and then out the building.

My first year at my school we did have a small fire. I was up in my spot in the third floor with students and teachers. We smelled the smoke but I wasn’t afraid I figured if it became really bad they would take us out through the window that’s specially made for evacuations. Thankfully it didn’t come to that. Everything was kept under control and we were led out by the firemen and then went down the street to a neighboring public grammar school as per our evacuation plan. The school was very accommodating to us. And after an hour or so we were allowed back into our building to gather the students’ belongings and get everyone in their busses, the next day it was business as usual.

One more day and it’s Friday! Another weekend to fly by really fast. And it will then be the beginning of another week, but this week is a short one due to Thanksgiving. It’s so great to have the day after Thanksgiving off and a 4 day weekend. Maybe I’ll do Black Friday shopping if some things catch my eye, otherwise I’ll probably put the tree up.

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