Working With Others

I think I am an easy going person. I’ve been told I am by people close to me. My husband says I’m “real” with people and that’s why I get along with so many of my co workers. I like the majority of my coworkers. Working with a medically fragile student population I depend on the paras quote a bit to let me know if they notice changes in the students they are assigned to. Many of our students have 1:1 paraprofessionals so those paras really know the student they are assigned to and many have been assigned to the same student for multiple school years.

I’ve also been told I stay calm when the sh*t hits the fan at work. I wasn’t like that when I first became a nurse. I was crazy neurotic and I had so much anxiety that I did not even like being a nurse. Little did I know it was my work assignment that was the sole cause of my anxiety. I was a new nurse working on a neuro unit. There was a neuro floor where less acute and/or post op patients were, a neuro ICU and also a ventilator unit. I did not like working there and I quit shortly after I gave birth to Thomas. Now I love where I work and I know this is my calling; my niche. I’m usually confident in my judgments and assessments and I don’t lose my head when things get crazy. Don’t get me wrong there are times when I’m nervous and I’ll second guess myself, but nothing at all like when I worked at the hospital.

Just about every time I write about work I mention how much I enjoy my co workers. I’m a nurse working in a teacher’s world and I feel respected by the majority of the staff here. Sometimes it’s difficult because I’m looking at the students in a different way than the rest of the school is. They’re viewing the student through an educator lens and I’m looking through a nursing lens. There are a few staff members I don’t particularly care for. My interactions with said staff members are thankfully few and far between so I suspect the feeling is mutual. And that’s ok, there’s no way everyone can like everyone. I stick with the people I get along best. I have plenty of people I’m friendly with and enjoy being with. There is a nurse I worked with, Linda. She’s from an agency that is contracted with the DOE, we get along very well and I consider her a friend; which is hard to come by these days.

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