And The Tree is Up

Thanksgiving is over; Black Friday shopping was successful. I didn’t do anything extreme like stay up all night to catch an awesome deal on electronics or door buster deals. Actually I first hit the thrift store where I scored a gorgeous pair of Louboutin flats. I had my eye on them for the past 2 weeks but they were priced high, Black Friday price was half off so yay for me! After the thrift store and lunch; Lelly, her boyfriend Viyath and Samantha and I went to our new outdoor outlet mall down by the ferry where we did some Christmas shopping.

On Saturday, Alyssa pulled all these boxes down from the attic and began decorating the house for Christmas. I put the tree up and today Samantha and I put the ornaments on the tree. I made an awesome chicken soup for dinner; it was a great ending to a nice four day weekend.

I went to church Sunday morning and one of the worship team members spoke about saying yes to God. About being obedient even when you don’t have the big picture in front of you that you have to trust God. I believe in what she said. I was being obedient to God when I was hired for the DOE, with the knowledge I was supposed to work in Manhattan. The commute would have been difficult but not impossible. I know I would have fell into a new normal of a routine. Never ever did I think I would be working 15 minutes from my house. God is amazing and He is good. The message from Pastor John was about having “an attitude of gratitude.” I enjoyed listening to him preach. Essentially his point was that we should thank God even in the bad times, when it is the most difficult time to thank him. I know I have a difficult time giving thanks to God when things are tough. I do remember when my dad died I wasn’t angry at God, I wasn’t angry that he died. I was thankful because I knew my dad was with the Heavenly Father.

When the next storm arrives I will make it a point to thank God for His never ending love and for His grace. For without either we literally have nothing. God extends His love to us and showed His love by sending His only son to die for our sins. There is no greater love than that.

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