College and Work

I completed my orientation assignment for my enrollment for my BSN. It wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. I managed to submit it this afternoon. I also was assigned a Program Mentor at this college. I’m to speak with her tomorrow evening over the phone. It should be interesting but I can’t help thinking it could be this totally formal, like a job interview phone call. I hope it’s not, I really hope this Mentor is friendly and remembers what it’s like to work and go to school. I am looking forward to starting even though I was contemplating pushing my start date to February. I’m glad I didn’t. The earlier I start the earlier I finish right? I never thought I would be back in school never mind looking to advance my career in nursing. I’m happy I’ve made peace with my choice.

Work has been nice, we’re getting gifts of candy and cookies, everything is so good! Terrible for those of us looking to not gain weight. I was invited to breakfast from a couple of classrooms, it’s really sweet of the staff. Some of the students have been really off behavior wise. There’s been events almost every day this week at school. Yesterday one of the Rotary Clubs bought pizza for the whole school, no kidding. Today was a school dance complete with DJ where all the students let loose and danced and danced. There was only one call for nursing to get down there and attend to a student. The students ended up being fine so no ambulance called, that’s always a plus. Tomorrow is a chorus concert and the kids who are singing are so, so excited. It’s really sweet. The music teacher is great, he puts his heart into these events.

I try to imagine what it would have been like to work at the school in Manhattan I was originally assigned to. Would I have liked that school as much as I like it here? When I visited other schools during my training, I’ll never forget one nurse who worked by herself telling me, “I have no friends here.” I was like omg…that totally stinks. I even witnessed her arguing with one of the teachers in front of students. Thank God I was only there for 2 days. But even the staff I met at other schools I trained at weren’t as nice as the staff here. At one school the principal and the nurses did not get along at all, it was horrible and a very tense environment. I was given this job for a reason and placed here at this school for a reason. God wouldn’t have made it this way if it weren’t so.

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