Brooklyn Tabernacle with Alyssa

Yesterday afternoon Alyssa asked me to accompany her to Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in Brooklyn to see “Joy to The World” a free Christmas production. She offered to drive too so who was I to say no? Traffic wasn’t bad and we made it to the parking lot in great time. We arrived at the church a few minutes earlier than the 4pm entrance time. I had never been to Brooklyn Tabernacle before, the place was beautiful. There were 2 levels, the ground level and a large balcony area. We tried to get seats on the first level but there were so many people saving seats it was not possible. So we were directed to go upstairs to the balcony section where people were also being inconsiderate and saving a ton of seats. Thankfully it was only Alyssa and I so we quickly found 2 seats together.

Before the show started the lead pastor came on stage to instruct everyone who was saving seats with coats and other belongings to remove everything because they had a very large crowd outside waiting to come in and since there wasn’t a cost for the show to the public, it wasn’t right to “save” seats. I thought that was awesome. Finally someone out there put their foot down about saving a row of seats for people who weren’t there. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, saving seats is one of my pet peeves.

The show began with a solo signer who was absolutely amazing. Her voice was both beautiful and bold. Her range was amazing and for a few minutes you thought you were at a Broadway theater. She sang her heart out and was led by the Holy Spirit. It was more than someone singing Christmas Carols and backed by the amazing Tabernacle choir. It was an incredible Christmas production with all sorts of singers and dancers. Hip hop dancers and break dancers, something for everyone. And the best part of the production was that is was totally about Jesus, the “reason for the season.” The work that went into the show was so apparent and so was their love of The Lord. I watched choir singers raising their arms in praise while singing. Like they couldn’t contain themselves, it was wonderful.

Before the show’s finale the lead Pastor came out and told of the reason for Christmas and shared the Gospel. He wasn’t a loud or fist pumping preacher, but rather spoke as if you were sitting in his living room having a conversation. I loved his style. And I loved his delivery of the message. He was all about following Jesus, surrendering your life to Him, and letting the Lord have his way and change you. To give you a new heart. We all prayed together and then the performers put on the finale which was awesome.

I’m so glad I went. Glad that I got to experience the production with my daughter, glad that I heard the Pastor speak and oh so glad I was given the opportunity to pray with him.

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