Hair and my many colors.

I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 16. I wanted to be blonde in the worst way! My original hair color was a light brown/dark blonde and I hated it. I’m still not a fan of it on me. So my mom said she would color my hair when I turned 16 and I could not wait. I loved being light blonde back then, loved it! Then came the perms and big hair was so, so in…the higher the hair the better. I personally never used Aqua Net hair spray to achieve maximum hair height. I used “Stiff stuff” which was a super duper hold hair spray. It was awesome.

My friends all had big hair as well I mean it was the 80’s so yeah. After a while I went a little darker blonde, like in my early to mid 20’s. When life became a little more serious, college, graduating, taking my nursing boards, landing my first job in a hospital, then getting married… I spent less time on my hair color back then. Life was busy.

Then I discovered other colors I could dye my hair, wow! I went red, light red, dark red, mahogany red. I really enjoyed my red phase. Actually I went in and out of a red phase for quite some years. I tried every drug store brand/color. Except brunette, I colored my hair a fairly dark shade of brown and it was too much, like it aged me. Needless to say I didn’t like it so I went lighter again. I never really did highlights. Here and there I would play around with a kit from L’Oréal that you could do moderate highlights and that was cool. And then I was blonde again. Tommy says he could go out for a gallon of milk and when he returned home my hair would be a different color. Haha.

Then I discovered that I like my hair varying lengths. I’ve had every length. Long, medium, a bob, short then grew it out long again to long; swore I wouldn’t cut it short again because growing it out again just sucks. Then cut it short again that’s where we are now.

Within the past 2 years or so I’ve discovered other non traditional colors, like pink. Last year I was very pink like a dark fuscia almost and then my stylist asked if she could cut it any way she wanted, so I said yes! And I ended up with this super short pixie cut. That was fun for a while but I wasn’t crazy about how super short it was. Now I guess what I have is a long pixie cut, the sides are very short and shaved underneath and the top is longer. Sometimes I think about growing it out again but the reality of it snaps me right back into it place. I went to have my hair “done” yesterday and we continued with dark pink roots, I’ll probably keep this for a little while…or change it next time. You never know!

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