Losing a Pet

My mom very recently lost her beloved dog, Daisy. Daisy was a rescue dog, her and my dad adopted her as a puppy. She was a boxer/ridgeback mix. A big dog who liked to bark but in essence she was the sweetest thing who only wanted you to pet and pay attention to her. Such a good dog! My mom went out to pick up my nephew from work and William discovered Daisy had passed on. My mom is devastated. While there’s that part of her who is glad Daisy didn’t suffer, she never had the chance to say goodbye as was the case of her previous dogs. The time came for “that” decision for her and my dad, they brought the dog to the vet and said goodbye and even stayed with the dog while the injection was given.

We had to make that horrid decision for our poodle Spike a few years ago. Spike was the best dog, he didn’t really bark, loved to be pet and have attention lavished on him. We loved Spike, we had him since he was a puppy, like 12 weeks old. Daniella was 1year old when I decided we had to get a puppy. Don’t ask about my reasoning at that time. Spike house trained so easy, he was awesome. He used to have these bursts of energy where he would run around the house like a crazy dog, then you’d pick him up and he would just melt in your arms. It was so so cute.

Spike was diagnosed with diabetes and I had to give him daily insulin shots, he was so good and would just stand there until I was done. One night he started acting odd, then he began having seizures. I called the emergency vet and they said to bring him in of course. So off Tommy and I went with Spike. They said his blood sugar kept dropping. I matter how much IV glucose they gave him but they couldn’t tell us why. They said we could keep him overnight and do all sorts of tests and then reevaluate in the morning. Tommy and I said no, no more. Something was obviously very wrong if his blood sugar kept dropping like that. We made the decision no pet owner wants to make and said good bye to him. I’m glad we had that chance to say goodbye. We still talk about what a great dog he was.

We do have 2 dogs again, I insisted we adopt a few months after Spike died. So we adopted another rescue named Lola. She’s a hound mix and a little nuts. She barks incessantly and will bark at the UPS truck, the guys doesn’t even have to stop she goes crazy if he even drives by. God help anyone who brings in a package and Lola saw it being delivered to the front stoop. She will literally attack the box, biting the box and try to tear it up. Crazy hound. These pets do a number on you and you don’t realize how much you love them and how they’re a part of your family until something happens.

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