Being a Nurse

Every now and then I’m so happy with my profession and the choice I made to return to nursing. As busy as I was today I’m still glad I made the choice to be a nurse.

One of my coworkers was out today. So that left 2 of us to do the work of 3. I have to say it wasn’t that bad. There was a lot of time management that went into getting everything done that had to be done and I wish I had worn sneakers today but at least I didn’t chose to wear heels. I wore low heel boots but sneakers would have definitely been the better choice.

On any regular day I have 6 students who require G tube feeds. Today I took on 3 more to cover the nurse who was out. I thought I would be run ragged but I wasn’t. I allowed extra time to get everyone fed and/or give them a water flush. I remember when I worked in the hospital; day shift. It was horrible, I know now it was just not my scene. I could never get out on time, 10 am meds took freaking forever to get done even when I started early. I know now I should have just left after I put a year in, but I honestly didn’t know where else to go. I thought the hospital was my only place to work. No one ever talked about other nursing jobs. It was weird now that I look back.

Anyway fast forward to today. I was hella busy but it was ok. Even when I assessed one of my students towards the end of the day because his para didn’t like that he was coughing. Cynthia is an excellent para and she wouldn’t have brought the child in to see me unless she had a reason. Sure enough he had a wheeze and congestion and needed a nebulizer treatment.

After that student settled down I get a phone call that another one of my students opened the seal of his G tube. The next thing I know 2 staff are wheeling him in holding the entire G tube that the student managed to pull out. I did what I had to do and put it back. I called his mother who was not surprised that her son pulled it out. This is one of this student’s known moves and he’s quite good at it.

I’m proud of myself for my nursing skills. I’m so so glad I have the confidence to carry out my nursing skills. I had no confidence when I worked at the hospital. I’m doing the same nursing procedures, probably more than when I worked at the hospital. The difference is that here at my school I love what I do. I feel appreciated and usually respected. Not every day is a good day and that’s ok because I know that the one, two or few bad days that inevitably occur don’t define me or my job. Today was a good day, busy but good.

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