Statistics And A Week Off

I’m currently in the middle of taking “Applied Healthcare Statistics” as part of my bachelor studies. Being off from work all week you would think I buckled down and tackled the class with a vengeance. Nope…I had good intentions but good intentions only go so far.

I had a great week off, I slept in some days (I don’t sleep past 8am; don’t ask) did some major cleaning out of my closet and Samantha’s room and organized my under the bed storage. Oh and I went with Lelly to help her pick out her first major adult purchase. She’s decided to not dorm again after this semester is over and wanted to replace her twin size mattress with a full size mattress. The sales woman was great and we had a fun time picking out the perfect mattress for her.

This morning I hit the Sal Val and scored an incredible Fendi bag. I knew what it was the minute they put it out. It was hanging up behind the counter and I asked the sale girl if I could see it. Found all the marks to tell me it was authentic and kept it close by my side until I checked out. I wanted to skip to my car after!

So getting back to statistics. I suppose the party is over and I need to get back to my class. It’s not an easy class. I have never heard one person say they found it easy so that makes me feel better to find the class a bit challenging. I find I need to read the material and then take notes and then read over my notes. This is all online. Then there are practice tests after each module. Some tests I totally bomb on and that’s ok, I don’t beat myself up over that. I just keep taking practice tests until I feel confident that I’ve mastered that section and then move forward. The college I am attending is great with creating a sense of community and they really encourage communication. I have a mentor. She’s been great and very supportive. And my instructor encourages me to set up phone appointments with her to go over work that I have questions about. I am happy and impressed with the support they offer.

Monday will come soon enough and it will be back to work. It’s all good, I miss (most of) my co workers. It’s funny because at work everyone counts down the weeks and days until the next break, then everyone says big goodbyes to each other when the break is upon us. It’s nice, really. You’re with the same people day in day out for so many hours a day. You can’t help but get close. You don’t get close to everybody of course, there’s some people you can’t wait to take some time away from. Eh, it’s all good.

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