These Days…

It’s the days of the corona virus. The atmosphere is just plain weird. Everyone is just plain afraid of getting sick, stockpiling toilet paper (for whatever reason,) building a supply of groceries, people are afraid to go out of their houses. To be honest I just want to live my life. I went to the nail salon yesterday for my regular mani/pedi. The salon was eerily quiet for late afternoon/early evening hours. I’m glad I went. That is a “normal” event for me.

My school is open just as most of NYC public schools are. Given that so many parents work and don’t have a “plan b” for childcare *plus* many children depend on school food to eat, I doubt the mayor will close the public schools. I’m ok with working, I serve the medically fragile population. There are many students with weak/impaired immune systems, most of those parents are keeping their children home. However there are many students whose parents won’t keep them home and their school life is going on as usual. Those students don’t have a problem with their immunity.

I’m getting tired of the media frenzy, the fear that’s been instilled in most of us. The girls and I just returned from grocery shopping, not because of the virus but because Friday/Saturday is when I normally go food shopping. Shoprite was super crowded. The people weren’t rude or crazy thank God, just so many people. Kind of negates the proposal that people shouldn’t gather together in large groups.

Lelly is home from her dorm in the city. F.I.T. has gone to all online classes so she came home. I’m glad she’s home. Alyssa’s college has also gone to online classes beginning next week. I’m still taking my statistics class; hoping to be finished by next week. It’s a difficult class. I just want to finish, pass and then I can move on to my next class which is Health Assessment I believe. Doing school work seems so “normal” as does going to work. Here’s to “normal!”

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