And I’m Back To Work

I’ve been home (using sick time that I didn’t want to use) because I’ve been waiting for my assignment to work in one of the enrichment centers the DOE have opened in all 5 boroughs. The centers are for children of essential workers. I was hoping to be assigned to work in the borough where I live but Brooklyn is fine, much better than the upper most West side of Manhattan they had me assigned to first. I’m a little nervous. There are supposed to be other nurses there, hopefully they’re nice and not too picky about my oddly colored hair.

So I made it there in one piece, sat in my car listening to worship music until it was time to go in. It’s calming to praise the Lord. I know He is with us and will see us through this storm. There is light and His name is Jesus.

Today my assignment has changed, I’m now going to a public school in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. I don’t mind going to Brooklyn. Due to Corona most people are home so there is no traffic. And parking wasn’t a nightmare. Yesterday I was home in 35 minutes, there were drivers on the BQE going so fast. Brooklyn drivers are amazing and something you really need to experience at least once in your life.

Today should be interesting, meeting new people. Yesterday one of the other nurses I worked with turned out to live only 10 minutes from me! We talked a while, I mentioned Thomas and me working District 75/special needs population. She began telling me about her nephew who is autistic, non verbal living with an older Aunt and they needed help. I quickly texted one of my moms from my bible study group and that mom was more than willing to share information she had with the other nurse. I love networking like that. It’s how we learn about others and how to help someone else. God knows what he’s doing.

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