Home With the Girls

My husband is considered an essential worker so he goes off to work everyday Monday through Friday. I’m here at home for now with my girls. They’re all students, two college and one, the youngest at 13; a junior high student. The 13 year old, Samantha is to complete school work online, she did well yesterday with only one hiccup. I’m hoping the rest of this online learning continues to go as well.

I’m waiting to take my statistics final. I was scheduled to take it this past Sunday morning but due to COVID 19, the college had to do some restructuring related to instructors proctoring exams and I am to reschedule my final. I want to just get it over with and move on. In the meantime I’m waiting on my employer to assign me to a program to work at.

One of Thomas’ housemates at the group home has tested positive and was hospitalized. As far as I know the man was sent back to the group home because his condition was stable, he was doing well and had no fever. I spoke to Thomas on Sunday and strongly instructed him to stay away from that particular housemate to avoid getting “sick”. Poor kid still wanted to know if we would pick him up for dinner. When I said no Thomas quickly said, “I don’t want to get you sick.” I’m thinking he gets it a bit. As for Thomas’ health he’s been fine, Thank God. No symptoms and no fever. God has blessed my son in many ways, Thomas is resilient, easy to do blood draws, adapts relatively easy to different life situations and he has a strong immune system.

My heart goes out to those parents who are home with younger children. I seriously thank God all this is happening during this time in my life. Everyone is older and the fighting between siblings is not there. Alyssa and Lelly get along as best friends (most of the time…) and Samantha as the youngest simply falls into place in her role. Tommy said the other day, “Imagine yourself home with a young Thomas and the girls”… I loudly said, “No! I can’t imagine”. I mean snow days were bad enough back in the day and you knew it was only for a day, two days max. This situation, it’s unclear as to when it will end.

Alyssa is great in that she loves to cook, we’ve decided on vegetable soup tonight, it’s going to be really good, I know it is. Yesterday was this chicken dish from Trader Joe’s, it’s a Kung Pao type meal that I added their vegetable fried rice to. It came out good and it’s something different.

I’m awaiting my employer to assign me a place to work now that the schools are closed. I had been assigned to a center way, way uptown around 154 St. in Manhattan. I requested a change since that is so far away but I believe I’m now on the pay no mind list; I haven’t heard anything. Very frustrating.

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