Days Like These

One of my son’s housemates at his group home, an man named Sal; most likely in his 60’s has passed away. He was hospitalized for the corona virus around the third week in March. I was told he was discharged home because he was doing well while in the hospital. I spoke to Thomas when Sal was home and Thomas told me they were able to spend time together wearing masks and sitting outside when the weather was nice. I thought that was really nice. Thomas also told me that Sal was in his room “a lot” and that he wore a mask while in the house. Early this week I called Thomas and the group home manager told me that Sal was back in the hospital, that he was having some respiratory issues but was not on a ventilator. This afternoon I found out that Sal had passed away.

Its a very sad time for the guys in Thomas’ house. There’s 8 of them maximum. They all know one another and for the most part get along. Sometimes it’s a sibling/love/annoy relationship. The group home is a 2 family house with 4 bedrooms upstairs and 4 bedrooms downstairs. Thomas lives upstairs with Sal and two other male residents. Sal was the oldest. Thomas and the other two men are in their mid to late 20’s. When I spoke to Thomas today he said he was sad. Thomas knows there is a virus out there and that it can make people sick. Thomas tells me he’s “not sick” and I know the group home staff have been monitoring Thomas’ temperature twice a day, since Sal became ill. Thomas also knows we aren’t able to pick him up and bring him here for dinner these days.

I miss him. I miss my guy, my Thomas. I miss being around him, going shopping with him (my son loves to shop; I have no idea where he gets it from…) I miss getting him a hair cut. And I feel bad that he has suffered a loss. The house manager said that Thomas was asking about Sal very often and wanted to know when he was coming home.

If you could, please keep Thomas and his housemates and the staff in your prayers. The staff still have to show up and care for the residents. Even through this pandemic.

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