Hanging Out With My Kids

Since we’ve all been quarantined and we all live here I’ve spent more time than I thought possible with 3 of my 4 children. Lelly was not planning to continue to dorm at FIT past this spring semester. Well, she and every other student who was living in a dorm was sent home early due to COVID 19. It’s ok that she was sent home before she finished the semester. Dorming wasn’t the be all and end all experience for my daughter. I’m glad she’s home.

I’m glad they’re all home to be honest. We’re not together every waking hour and they’re all old enough that they need time away from me as well. And that’s ok. I hear Lelly working out in her room since all they gyms are closed. Samantha goes down the basement to work out. Alyssa…I can’t always tell what she’s doing since her room is 2 flights up in the attic. She does a lot of school work and working from home for her job/internship.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday was nice. We had church in the living room, Alyssa ran Facebook on our television and we were able to see and hear the singers praise God with song and then listen to Pastor John’s message. His point aside from Easter being a huge celebration for Christians was that Jesus is our lifeline for everything. That we must tether our lifeline to the rise one Jesus Christ. It was really nice to have church at home. I miss church, I miss my church family and the fellowship. We email and text but it’s of course not the same. I miss driving in my car and worshipping with song to God. Before work every morning I would arrive early to ensure a good parking space and praise Him with worship music. I miss that. I miss my morning time spent that way. When I was assigned to the enrichment centers I would arrive early mainly because I gave myself extra time because I wasn’t familiar with the area where I was being sent. I would use that time to worship with music.

Anyway, as much as I dislike being quarantined and dislike all the disruption to our lives that COVID 19 has caused. I have been enjoying the time spent with my girls. I am forever grateful that they aren’t all young children during this time. I enjoy my girls at the ages they’re at which is young adult and young teen. I’ve been fortunate that the teen years haven’t been horrid. Only time will tell with Samantha. Right now we have a nice relationship, she talks to me so it’s good.

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