Root Canal on Top of Root Canal

Easter Sunday, around early afternoon I began having minor pain in my bottom right tooth. I couldn’t tell which of the 2 bottom back teeth that was really hurting. I didn’t think much of it until later Sunday evening when I had to take a couple of Ibuprofen so I could get to sleep. Nevertheless I was woke up by the pain at 1:30am. I knew it was serious.

Monday morning I called my dentist, he wasn’t in until Tuesday and only for emergencies; this was an emergency. So 10 am yesterday morning I went in. They took an X-ray and it showed an infection under a tooth that previously had a root canal. I think the technical term is that the root canal “failed”. Of course the rally cry of the dentist is “Save the tooth!” Meanwhile all I wanted was to be out of pain and I didn’t care how that happened.

So I talked to over with my dentist and he found me a root canal specialist that I approved of and would take me that afternoon. I hadn’t been to this practice before so I was apprehensive and to be honest I was upset. It doesn’t seem fair that a tooth I already had discomfort in *and* had already endured a root canal to, should “fail” and have to be root canal-ed again.

I arrived for the appointment, the specialist’s office was only about 10 minutes from my house. I was told to Purell my hands, had my temperature taken and answered questions about my health and the health of those I live with. All was well. Then, after this guy took his own X-ray and confirmed it was indeed an infection under a previous root canal he proceeded to jab the back of my mouth and gum line multiple times with that long needle of novacaine they all seem to have. I asked if I could have sweet air (nitrous) and the guy said he doesn’t use it… I really wanted to leave, the last procedures I had done on my teeth were not without nitrous. But…the pain was too great and I wanted to get this over with.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience nor was it horrendous. However I’ve would have been much happier with the nitrous. I’m still sore and in pain. He prescribed an antibiotic and high dose ibuprofen, which works but wears off too fast. I pissed though. I mean I take care of my teeth and I still got this stupid infection and had to go through this pain and re-root canal a tooth. Not cool.

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