My Bike and Other Challenges

This past summer I spent a lot of time taking lessons to learn to ride a motorcycle. I took private lessons as well as a 2 day class where at the end of the 2 days you take a road test. If you pass the road test the teaching company gives you a waiver to present to the DMV and you receive your motorcycle license; an “M” on your drivers license that stands for motorcycle. I was so, so excited to pass the road test and get my motorcycle license. It was a long road for me to get there. I had a favorite instructor named Rick who was just awesome, very patient and he wouldn’t let me get frustrated with myself. He had a style of teaching that just got through to me. I was so happy when I found out Rick would be teaching me when the road test came about.

It’s not as easy to ride as I originally thought it would be. I figured I’d just learn real quick, take the road test and be on my merry way. Not so fast…for me anyway. I’m glad I did it though. I don’t have a bucket list per se, but getting my motorcycle license was a definite must do/bucket list check off for me.

My next challenge is completing my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I’ve written that years ago I pretty much sworn off being a nurse. I started my career in a hospital, hated it and honestly thought there wasn’t much else to do work wise. I had Thomas and the girls and life just went the way it did. At one point I worked for as an office nurse for a physician who was a pediatric pulmonologist/allergist. My primary function was to give allergy shots, perform allergy skin testing and perform pulmonary function testing. It was a nice enough job but I was terribly underpaid (office nurses most times make horrible money) and I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do for more than the 3 years I was there.

When I was hired by the Dept of Ed and began working at my school I truly discovered my calling in nursing. I love my job. I enjoy the students I’m entrusted to provide care for and I enjoy my co workers. Hungerford has the best teachers, paras and therapists ever! I could go on and on but I won’t…but seriously the staff I work with are trustworthy and will always let me know if a student isn’t acting like themselves and/or will recognize and time a seizure so quickly which only enhances me doing my job.

So me loving my job only makes me want to further my knowledge of nursing hence being enrolled in a bachelors program. My end goal is to complete my masters degree. After that I have no idea. The more education you have the more doors open up and more opportunities arise. I have no desire to leave my school or to leave school nursing. When I’m asked what degree I’m studying for the first thing the person who asked assumes is that I’m looking to leave my job. Not so, not at all. I want to be able to be better at my job. To learn advanced skills and assessments and continue to serve my students. I’m off to work at my last class of the semester. It’s a communications class and should be interesting.

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