Cleaning Out, Rearranging

A few weeks ago Tommy and I cleared out these closets in our basement. It was mostly papers, bank statements, Thomas’ old evaluations and IEP’s. Some tax returns from1994! Omg, back when we were first married and I paid the bills I didn’t know what to save, what to throw out so I kept everything… It was great to do the clean out and shred papers we have no use for anymore. Thomas’ old papers were the most satisfying to say good bye to, since those years were so tough to get through.

Yesterday I was down the basement and noticed a piece of furniture that was my inlaw’s. It’s a dry sink that my husband’s grandmother bought for my mother in law oh so many years ago. I’m staring at this piece and I had a great idea. Put it in the front of my living room where I currently have a small table holding all my indoor plants! I measured the space and the dry sink and all was a go. Tommy and I moved it yesterday and it looks perfect there.

There was a catch though, there was “stuff” in the cabinet part of the dry sink…more cleaning out. But it wasn’t too bad thank God. I did find some really cute artwork from when Alyssa was in 2nd grade. I’m so glad I kept certain things during my “keeping everything” period of time. When we cleared out the basement closets we found a lot of pictures. Tommy and I when we were on our honeymoon, the kids when they were so young. These pics were from back in the day when you had film developed and God forbid you didn’t order double copies because someone always wanted a couple of your pictures. Just when you think you’re finished clearing out and rearranging something else comes up.

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