People I miss

There was a video conference meeting today for work. It was great to see everyone’s faces and hear their voices. I’m glad we can have that type of meeting in this day and age especially during this time of quarantine. Years ago it would have been a audio conference call. As I was listening to the meeting I looked around the screen and couldn’t help but notice how much I missed everyone at school. People I counted on seeing every single work day. I’m facebook friends with a lot of staff but there are some people who’s presence you just have to be in to appreciate them. Some of the staff I’m friends with are very affectionate and will hug and kiss as a greeting and it’s so, so nice. I know it’s part cultural but they make you really feel loved and cared for.

Then there’s the staff who never fail to help you out in a jam. Like Joe, who does a ton of IT work. He’s awesome and will always make time to help you out when your computer isn’t doing what it is supposed to do. There are so many staff members I truly adore that I can’t mention them all for fear I would leave someone out and offend someone.

My school has the best para processionals. I really mean that. One of the classrooms that I’m in and out of every day has quite a few medically fragile students in attendance. It’s pretty much “my” class and they are “my” students. Their teacher is great. She cares for these students with all her heart and it shows. The paras in that class know their students so well and they know when to call me and they trust me and I trust them. It’s probably my favorite class because we are all so comfortable with each other.

Then there are the students I care for who are scattered and in different classes. Because I care for one student in that particular class I get to know the teachers and paras in those classes too. It’s nice. One student/para 1:1 assignment I adore are ones I’ve taken care of since I began working at Hungerford. The mom and I have a pretty nice relationship and her son is simply amazing. He is challenging to his para a lot of days, and I know she really cares about him by the attention and care she gives him.

I think that is the beauty of District 75, where I am assigned. The students require so much care whether it be physical, emotional or nursing the staff can’t help but be invested in that student. District 75 is not for everyone nor for the faint of heart. I’ve seen Hungerford staff rise to many challenges with their students and meet those challenges head on with the student’s best interest at heart.

My gosh I really miss everyone. We didn’t have a typical goodbye back in March when the quarantine began. Everyone was nervous, apprehensive, and unsure of what was going to happen next. Our goodbyes to each other were not the typical goodbyes we give to one another, hugs and “see you after the break!” Looking forward to a school break yet knowing you were returning in a week or so to pick up just where you left off with the same staff and same students.

As of today we don’t even know for certain that schools will be open in September. Or what kind of school schedule the District is planning. I for one want to return to work, hell I want things to simply and magically return to “normal.” Poof! There we go.

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