A Change of Motorcycle

The other day, late afternoon I took out my Harley to just go around the corner. I did terrible. I stalled out, gave too much throttle, dropped the bike. Tommy was worried. He was afraid I would get hurt eventually. Since I had the Harley I’ve been riding in parking lots, shifting gears, breaking and I was very comfortable with that. I didn’t feel comfortable/ready to ride that bike even around the neighborhood. I got tired of the parking lot and figured around the corner was safe. Not so much.

So yesterday Tommy and I went online and searched for a smaller motorcycle for me. Something more beginnerish than the Harley. I followed Tommy’s lead. We went to the Honda dealer here where we live and the salesman immediately recommended the Rebel. I sat on it and talk about comfort! I felt like the bike was made for me. So we went home and searched online for used Honda Rebels. I found one at Asbury Park, down the NJ shore at a dealership for an awesome price. I called and the bike was available. So off we went along with Samantha who is dying to learn how to ride.

The salesman was nice enough, not too pushy. But the bike sold itself. The paint is immaculate, no scratches or dings and hardly any miles on it. The price was more than fair. I wanted to buy her and Tommy agreed. So my awesome husband bought me the bike!!

The bike is beautiful, a 2015 with 2600+ miles on it. And red! I never saw myself on a red motorcycle. So after we got it home (strapped in the back of Tommy’s truck), I played a bit in the driveway and was so comfortable I immediately started by going around the corner. The difference for me between the Honda and the Harley was night and day. I was so incredibly comfortable! I stopped home, talked to Tommy and took off again, this time going further around the neighborhood. Came home, went out again a little more into the neighborhood. Truth be told I did stall a couple of times but they weren’t “oh shit” moments. More like ok…move on, fix that. I then rode further than before and I was good after that and came home. Now we just have to sell the Harley. If anyone’s interested let me know!

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