At The Lake!

We have awesome friends, Bill and Martha who own a vacation home in the Adirondack mountains. About 25 minutes or so from Lake George. It’s simply beautiful up here. The house is right across the street from Loon Lake and they have lake front property and access to Loon Lake. Yesterday Tommy and I arrived here early and took their boat out on the lake. Bill and Martha have a pontoon boat which is pretty much a very, very comfortable living room with a motor on the water.

I found out today that I am to begin work on Monday. I thought the start date was July 1st. Guess not. A minor adjustment and not a big deal. What is a big deal is that my time of working changed from AM shift to PM shift. I do not want the PM shift. So I emailed my nursing director asking her to please change my shift. I’m waiting for an answer.

So anyway we’re up at this beautiful house and spent lunch and the afternoon on the pontoon boat. Bill and Tommy were fishing while Martha and I just sat back and enjoyed the sun. It was a great time. The weather is beautiful and so is the scenery. In the background are mountains and everything is so lovely and green! Tommy caught 3 fish, I believe they were perch and kind of small so he threw them back. Still it was cool that he caught them. Up here they are in I think phase 3 of quarantine. We were able to eat inside a restaurant last night, but we were the only people there. I don’t know how many people they are allowed to have in the restaurant at one time. There were also tables and chairs outside with only one couple seated.

We have dinner reservations tonight at a restaurant, I don’t know if we’re eating outside or in. We shall see.

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