Home Again!

Tommy and I drove back from our friends’ lake house yesterday. We left around 10:30 in the morning and arrived home about 4 hrs later at 2:30 in the afternoon. It was really great to be home. I totally missed my girls and they missed me (which I think is incredibly awesome!)

Alyssa made dinner: a delicious chicken Florentine with roasted tomatoes and garnished with fresh basil. And for dessert she made a peach tart from scratch. She’s a great cook; not afraid to try new things and she really enjoys doing it. There has been many an evening before the quarantine when I would be working late and Alyssa would text me that she was making dinner. I wanted to go through the phone and hug her!

So I begin working for the summer today. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that I was given the opportunity to work for the summer. I was making arraignments to work for an agency that I worked for before being hired by the DOE. Just for the summer. As I was trying to make that happen my supervisor called with the offer for the summer working DOE. I then had to get back to the agency and cancel those plans. All is well, and set in place.

Today was the first day and it went pretty quick. The kids are young and very typical. I’m not used to that. This one little boy scraped his elbow and when I went to wash it, he kinda freaked out a little, he was afraid it would hurt. (He did let me wash it and it did not hurt). The students in my regular school albeit a bit older in chronological age but not developmentally would never question me when I would tell them to wash a cutie the hand hand or finger. They would just do it. I prefer the students in my school over typical students in a regional school, not just because of the boy’s reaction and back talk today but I really love my students. I understand them and I get it as a parent. I’ve been fortunate that my girls being so typical have allowed me to visit the world of typical parenting; while I was simultaneously living in the world of special needs parenting. I love my kids. I really have the best of both worlds.

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