The Big 2-5 and 5-0

This year Tommy and I celebrate 2 major events. One: we will be married 25 years and we both turned 50. All during a pandemic. My birthday was in April and my family did an incredible job in making it so special for me. I felt so loved and I was definitely spoiled. Tommy and I had plans to go away for our anniversary but Covid took care of that and we never even got past the planning/decision making stage. Our summer vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida also seems like it will not happen due to covid. I already planned to take the week off so even if we don’t go away I’ll still have somewhat of a vacation and enjoy the time off. There’s always day trips and going out on the boat and motorcycle riding.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for 25 years. I distinctly remember laying on the beach while on our honeymoon in Maui and Tommy and I were talking about making plans to return to Hawaii “maybe after 20 years.” Before the corona virus hit us we did talk about celebrating this anniversary in Hawaii, but between the travel time and jet lag we didn’t feel we would have enough time to really enjoy ourselves.

As for turning 50…that’s an odd feeling. Of course I don’t feel 50, do any of us actually feel our age? In my mind I think I’m like 30, which is funny because 30 is the birthday I had the worst time with. I cried all day. Big baby. When this birthday came around I was and still am fine with it. The good Lord has seen me through this far and He will continue to be there for me. Never leaving or forsaking me. No matter what storm comes my way, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is with me. I’m so very blessed. I have 4 healthy children who make me laugh and I really enjoy spending time with; and a spouse who calls me his best friend. We live in a very nice house in a great neighborhood with the best neighbors ever, I talk to my mom just about every day and I love my job. I’m also in school for my bachelors degree. I don’t know what else I could ask for. Keeping track of what my God has seen fit to shower me with is very humbling. For as much as I shop and accumulate “things” not one thing can ever replace what God has given me.

He is a wonderful, sovereign God. His ways are higher than ours and may his will be done, not ours. That is many times a hard pill to swallow. There have been many times in my life that I wouldn’t have chooses God’s will over my own. But time always passes and shows us that God is forever in control and his decisions are in fact the best for us. God’s sovereignty and love shine through every time.

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